Return on Investment Calculator (R.O.I.) for College Mental Health Services and Programs

This tool will allow you to calculate the economic returns of services or programs that improve mental health in your student population.

You will be asked a handful of questions about your campus, including:

  • Enrollment size
  • Approximate institutional drop-out rate
  • Approximate per student tuition rate

Based on the information you provide, the calculator will give economic estimates for both your institution and students.

Your proposed services or programs could be focused on mental health treatment or could also seek to prevent mental health issues. They could be new or expanded offerings that your campus is considering, or they could be existing services.

The calculator’s estimates are based on research by the Healthy Minds Network. This research examined how depressive symptoms predict student persistence in college. The estimates, therefore, are most accurate for services and programs that specifically reduce depressive symptoms. The estimates may also extend to services and programs that address other mental health concerns, such as anxiety. The original research article with more details is available here as well as the Healthy Minds website.

Access the calculator here.