A Managed Care Resource

A Managed Care Resource The Managed Care Legal Database is a resource identifying how state and federal statutes and regulations address many issues that may occur between private payers and…

Managed Care Contracts and Health System Operational Alignment

CASE EXAMPLE of how we breakdown contracts and tie the terms to operational alignment Because the business of healthcare is to deliver the highest quality care to patients, improving clinical…

Learn to speak the Managed Care Language (101)

Healthcare flow of funds explained. Managed Care 101 for healthcare entrepreneurs seeking to do business in the California market. Session led by Alex Yarijanian, CEO Carenodes. The aim: providing healthcare entrepreneurs with a framework within which they will find their place in the business value chain.

Expert Seminar on Parity Laws and Reimbursement

Learn to speak the Managed Care Language (101)

Provider – Contracting: KPIs

KPI / Metric Formula or Definition Target Business Purpose Gross Revenue Gross Revenue or “Top Line Revenue” is synonymous with gross charges associated with the provision of services This is…

Payer Contract Modeling

Contract modeling, or analyzing potential scenarios of reimbursements to understand financial outcomes, provides a proactive approach to financial management by analyzing the impact of different elements such as methodologies, rate changes, pricing, payor mix shifts and ever changing regulations on margins, rather than net revenue alone.

Physical Therapy Referrals: Not Needed

Physical therapist services are generally covered as a basic benefit by all major health insurance companies. Ask your physical therapist to contact your insurance company to determine your specific benefits.

Corporate Psychopathology as an HR Agenda Item

Antisocial Personality Disorders and Implications on Business Operations: Corporate Psychopathology as a Human Resources Agenda Item Publication description The ability of a leader to understand, and level with, employees’ emotions…

Healthcare Flow of Funds explained: Healthcare Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Agenda Managed Care 101 for healthcare entrepreneurs seeking to do business in the California market.

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