20 Nov 2023

Navigating New Paths in Healthcare: Understanding Kentucky’s ‘Any Willing Provider’ Statutes

In an ambitious move to reshape healthcare access, Kentucky has enacted the ‘Any Willing Provider’ (AWP) statutes, challenging the traditional exclusivity of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and their provider networks. At the heart of these statutes lies a simple yet powerful principle: preventing discrimination against healthcare providers ready to adhere to an insurer’s terms and conditions.

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9 Sep 2023

Financial Benefits of Doulas for Hospitals with Capitated Contracts

Doulas, with their specialized training in providing emotional, physical, and educational support during childbirth, are becoming increasingly integral in modern maternity care. For hospitals navigating the intricacies of capitated contracts—where fixed payments are made irrespective of services rendered—the role of a doula presents a compelling financial argument. Evidence suggests that doula-assisted births may lead to fewer medical interventions, shorter labor durations, and reduced postpartum complications. These reductions not only enhance the childbirth experience for mothers but also translate into tangible cost savings for hospitals. In an era where patient satisfaction is paramount and efficiency is sought, the integration of doulas in the childbirth process is both a qualitative and quantitative win for healthcare.

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29 Jun 2023

State Policies on Provider Market Power

The Source is a comprehensive platform that monitors and documents various state-level activities related to healthcare prices and competition. It provides valuable resources in the form of legislation and litigation databases, which are searchable and easily accessible.

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27 Jun 2023

Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Enhancing Resilience in Healthcare Settings

Mindfulness-based meditation has emerged as a recommended intervention to address these challenges. By cultivating resilience and providing tools to cope with stress, mindfulness interventions can help healthcare professionals navigate the demanding and vulnerable nature of their work.

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20 Jun 2023

Introducing Alex Yarijanian: A Visionary Leader Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Alex Yarijanian, CEO of Carenodes, has expertise in the healthcare industry, particularly in the areas of customer building, senior care, managed care, and value-based care. Here are some general steps you can take to build your own customer based on these topics:

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15 Jun 2023

Unleashing the Power of Healthcare Data: Exploring HRSA’s Data Portal

Discover the power of the HRSA Data Portal in revolutionizing healthcare research and planning. Developed by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), this web-based platform provides access to a vast array of comprehensive healthcare data. From primary care facilities to health workforce information, the HRSA Data Portal serves as a centralized repository for diverse datasets. Explore its key features, including interactive data visualization tools that enable users to gain insights and identify trends. Customizable reports and dashboards allow for tailored analysis, while the data download capability empowers researchers to perform in-depth analysis and integrate HRSA data into their own workflows. With its potential to inform evidence-based decision-making, the HRSA Data Portal can contribute to improved healthcare delivery, reduced disparities, and targeted interventions. Unlock the potential of data-driven solutions and work towards equitable access to healthcare resources with the HRSA Data Portal. Access it now to drive positive change.

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12 May 2023

ROI Calculator for Partnerships to Address Social Determinants of Health

The ROI Calculator for Partnerships to Address Social Determinants of Health is a tool designed to help CBOs and their health care partners explore, structure, and plan financial arrangements to fund social services for people with complex needs. The tool allows health systems, payers, medical providers, social service providers, and CBOs to determine the overall return on investment from integrating social services with medical care under different payment models.

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