Healt Plan Leaders’ Statements About VBC

“The patient-centered medical home has served as a catalyst and organizing philosophy to refine our state care delivery system. It has brought stakeholders from both the public and private sector together to organize around a philosophy of care delivery that brings value to our citizens. This model serves to create value in our health care system through improving the quality of care delivered to patients and maximizing the value of each health care dollar spent.”

Medicaid MCO Quality Ratings

https://www.kff.org/medicaid/state-indicator/medicaid-mco-quality-ratings/view/print/?currentTimeframe=0&print=true&sortModel=%7B%22colId%22:%22State%22,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D https://www.kff.org/medicaid/state-indicator/medicaid-mco-quality-ratings/view/print/?currentTimeframe=0&print=true&sortModel=%7B%22colId%22:%22State%22,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D NOTES Notes Data reflect NCQA’s 2019 ratings of Medicaid managed care plans. The...

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