Health Insurance Providers’ Actions Concerning Mental Health

Thoughts from Alex Yarijanian and Carenodes outcomes

Healthcare Startups take too long to go to market hence innovations do not get to the American people in a form and fashion conducive to the aims of healthcare quality and performance in population health management.
When I left my management role at Humana to enter into the startup world, I was shocked to find that a vast majority of Health Tech organizations are founded by innovators with non-healthcare backgrounds.

Healt Plan Leaders’ Statements About VBC

“The patient-centered medical home has served as a catalyst and organizing philosophy to refine our state care delivery system. It has brought stakeholders from both the public and private sector together to organize around a philosophy of care delivery that brings value to our citizens. This model serves to create value in our health care system through improving the quality of care delivered to patients and maximizing the value of each health care dollar spent.”

Changing Demographics & Value-Based Care

  Changing Demographics & Value Based Care The U.S. is stuck in a system of volume-based (fee-for-service) care that continues to drive up costs without providing better outcomes for patients.…

Talking about Mental Health at Work

Tools and Partnerships to help your organization raise awareness, reduce stigma surrounding mental illness, and facilitate help-seeking behavior. MENTAL HEALTH @ WORK Treatment can help people feel better and perform…

Managed Care Contracts and Health System Operational Alignment

CASE EXAMPLE of how we breakdown contracts and tie the terms to operational alignment Because the business of healthcare is to deliver the highest quality care to patients, improving clinical…

Medicaid MCO Quality Ratings,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D NOTES Notes Data reflect NCQA’s 2019 ratings of Medicaid managed care plans. The plans included in the NCQA data do not always match the MCOs in other tables in…

Payer Notice regarding the implementation of Senate Bill 855, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Coverage

Carenodes Health Enterprise
Office of the Executive

Dear Health Plan Representative,

Please see attached Notice regarding the implementation of Senate Bill 855, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Coverage.

Pandemic Creates Extra Cyber Risk For Health Care Providers

Unfortunately, it is in these times of dogged, urgent focus on patient care that health care organizations may be most vulnerable to another invisible danger: cybercrimes targeting the very hospitals tasked with…


Many firms provide coverage for health services delivered outside typical provider settings. Telemedicine is the delivery of health care services through telecommunications to a patient from a provider who is…

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