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ROI Calculator for Partnerships to Address Social Determinants of Health

The ROI Calculator for Partnerships to Address Social Determinants of Health is a tool designed to help CBOs and their health care partners explore, structure, and plan financial arrangements to fund social services for people with complex needs. The tool allows health systems, payers, medical providers, social service providers, and CBOs to determine the overall return on investment from integrating social services with medical care under different payment models.

ROI Forecasting Calculator for Quality Initiatives

The ROI Forecasting Calculator is an excellent tool for any organization looking to improve quality while keeping costs under control. It can help identify where to make investments in quality, how to prioritize proposed initiatives, and how to demonstrate the financial benefits of investing in quality initiatives. By demonstrating potential cost savings, this tool can also help organizations identify potential areas where they can reduce costs while maintaining or improving quality.

Return on Investment Calculator (R.O.I.) for College Mental Health Services and Programs

The tool is easy to use and only requires a handful of questions about your institution, including enrollment size, approximate institutional drop-out rate, and approximate per student tuition rate. Based on this information, the calculator will give economic estimates for both your institution and students.

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