Thoughts from Alex Yarijanian and Carenodes outcomes

Healthcare Startups take too long to go to market hence innovations do not get to the American people in a form and fashion conducive to the aims of healthcare quality and performance in population health management.
When I left my management role at Humana to enter into the startup world, I was shocked to find that a vast majority of Health Tech organizations are founded by innovators with non-healthcare backgrounds.

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Mental Health Awareness: Men Don’t Cry

A livestream discussion to raise awareness of minority mental health. The conversation took a turn for the expected level of viewer engagement. Mental Health is Health Dr. Godwin Orkeh and…

Funded by Health Net to Expand Telehealthcare

Carenodes network secures funding from Health Net Health Net has grant funded a proposal by Insight Choices, in partnership with Carenodes, to expand virtual healthcare delivery capacity and accessibility. In response to the…

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