Mental Health Awareness: Men Don’t Cry

A livestream discussion to raise awareness of minority mental health. The conversation took a turn for the expected level of viewer engagement.

Mental Health is Health

Dr. Godwin Orkeh and Alex Yarijanian discuss Covid-19 and the discrepancies in access to mental health care among minority groups, including the disenfranchised, uninsured, and underinsured.

Dr. Orkeh also sheds light on the difference between equity vs. equality, the providers’ index of suspicion, health-seeking behavior among men, and the stigma associated with Covid-19.

View the full discussion here.

Dr. Godwin ORKEH JR
Physician, experienced Medical Director, Public Health Officer and Quality Improvement Officer, with interest in International Health and Development. A key interest of his is the interplay of culture, language and its effects (labels), and the political and socio-economic factors that influence health-seeking behavior in the population.

Alex Yarijanian
CEO and founder of Carenodes, Alex is a longtime healthcare administrator, who marked his career by managing 28 safety net clinics across CA and TX, to 14 hospitals, over 50 skilled nursing facilities, to a national health plan. He is presently engaged in an effort to expand access to healthcare services, based on equity, and true to Parity between medical and mental health services.

Orchestrated by Carenodes Networks

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