Opioid Settlement Distribution: Colorado Regions

View and download the regional and local government funding distribution data sheet. The figures contained in the data sheet are the best estimates at this time and may be subject to adjustments at a later date. Additionally, the opioid settlement funds will be different from year to year and will be adjusted as needed.

Colorado Opioid Abatement Council

The Colorado Opioid Abatement Council (COAC) was created by the Department of Law in agreement with local governments to provide oversight of the opioid funds and to ensure the distribution of those funds complies with the terms of any settlement and the Colorado Opioid Settlement Memorandum of Understanding. The COAC is specifically responsible for oversight of opioid funds from the regional share and for developing processes and procedures for the statewide infrastructure share.

The COAC works with the 19 Regional Opioid Abatement Councils to distribute opioid settlement funds for substance use disorder treatment, recovery, harm reduction, law enforcement, and prevention/education programs. The COAC consists of seven members appointed by the State and six members appointed by local governments. Click here to view the full roster.

Opioid abatement infrastructure funding

The COAC is responsible for the distribution and oversight of the Infrastructure Share, which makes up 10% of the opioid settlement funds received by Colorado. The purpose of the Infrastructure Share is to promote capital improvements and provide operational assistance for developing or improving the infrastructure necessary to abate the opioid crisis within the state of Colorado.

The Infrastructure Share is intended to supplement other opioid settlement funds by providing additional funds to areas of greatest need. These funds are also intended to encourage cross-regional collaboration among the 19 opioid settlement regions.

Opioid Settlement Funds Distribution Data

View the opioid fund distribution dashboard

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