Employers / Providers · 27 Jan 2020 0

Employer Performance Standards for Behavioral Health: A Guide & Sample Standards to Implement

Sample Employer Performance Standards for Behavioral Health Developed by Catalyst for Payment Reform 

In 2018, based on input from eight purchasers and a subject matter expert, Catalyst for Payment Reform developed a tool for purchasers to assess how well partners are meeting their needs when it comes to access, quality, and integration in mental healthcare. The tool includes evaluation questions and clear specifications for what a purchaser should expect to see moving forward in these key areas.

Sample of standards developed includes:

  • 80% of providers in a network should accept new patients at any given time.
  • Patients should be offered an urgent mental health appointment within 48 hours.
  • Health plan updates provider directory on a daily basis.
  • Member satisfaction with care provided should be 85% or higher.
  • Quality must be a requirement for receiving a high-performance provider designation.
  • Health plans should conduct site visits or audits of 25% of providers every year.