Don’t Lose Revenue With an Outdated Fee Schedule

If you have not updated your practice’s fee schedule for several years, you may be in for some surprises. Carenodes Advisory recommends that you analyze and update your fees annually to make sure they are higher than insurance allowables.

Remember, insurers typically will pay you either their allowable or your fee – whichever is lower. By charging less than the allowable, you are not getting the maximum reimbursement you are entitled to receive. If you are receiving 100 percent of your billed charge from a managed care plan, this could indicate your fee is set too low.

Many commercial plans base their fees on Medicare reimbursement, making it easier for you to evaluate their reimbursement patterns. As Medicare publishes its new fee schedule each year, you have an opportunity to compare your own fees against the new rates. At the same time, you can make revenue projections for the coming year and assess the value of your managed care contracts to your practice.

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