The Source is a comprehensive platform that monitors and documents various state-level activities related to healthcare prices and competition. It provides valuable resources in the form of legislation and litigation databases, which are searchable and easily accessible.

The Database of State Laws Impacting Healthcare Cost and Quality focuses on legislative measures that have an impact on the cost and quality of healthcare. This database allows stakeholders at the state level to gain insights into their legal and regulatory environment. By understanding the laws in place, these stakeholders can make informed decisions and take necessary actions to enhance access, quality, and efficiency in healthcare while also striving to reduce costs.

Additionally, The Source includes a collection of maps that offer a visual representation of notable legislation and initiatives in health policy and reform across all 50 states. These maps provide a convenient way to explore the different approaches taken by each state and the progress made in addressing healthcare challenges.

If users have specific laws or cases they are interested in, they can utilize the search functionality within the database. This feature enables targeted exploration of laws and cases pertaining to a particular state, making it easier to find relevant information.

Overall, The Source serves as a valuable tool for stakeholders involved in healthcare, providing them with the necessary information to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare legislation and policy across the United States.

Through a review of state laws, CPR found a short list of states – California, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, and Rhode Island – that are particularly active in their policy efforts regarding healthcare provider consolidation and market power.

State Policies on Provider Market Power Report

The Database of State Laws Impacting Healthcare Cost and Quality (SLIHCQ)

The Source on Healthcare Price & Competition

The Source tracks state activities impacting healthcare price and competition in both legislation (The Database of State Laws Impacting Healthcare Cost and Quality) and litigation in a searchable database to help stakeholders at the state level understand their legal and regulatory environment as they make efforts to improve access, quality, and efficiency, and reduce costs in healthcare.

Browse through the maps below to find out more about notable legislation and initiatives in health policy and reform across 50 states or search the database for specific laws and cases of a particular state.


  • by Amy Y. Gu, Managing Editor
    See case page: Sidibe v. Sutter Health   On August 24, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the appeal of the federal class action Sidibe v. Sutter Health. A jury verdict in March 2022 in the Northern District Court of California had cleared the hospital giant of anticompetitive allegations that were initially […]
  • by Mary Mitchell, Student Fellow
    After much debate fueled by disagreement over California’s $31.5 billion deficit, lawmakers and Governor Newsom have finalized the state’s 2023-2024 budget. The final budget bill outlines a $310 billion spending plan that includes $248.1 billion for Health and Human Services programs,[1] up from $245.69 billion in the May Revision.[2] Stakeholders can breathe a sigh of […]
  • by Mary Mitchell, Student Fellow
    Our roundup of studies and reports for this month focuses on healthcare costs and consolidation, including a paper written by The Source teama examining state action to regulate healthcare mergers and acquisitions. We also share two studies relating to impacts of consolidation and acquisition; one compares post-surgery outcomes in high and low concentration markets, and […]
  • by Amy Y. Gu, Managing Editor
    In a new research paper published in Frontiers in Public Health Volume 11, The Source’s Alex Montague, Robin Davison, Katie Gudiksen, and Jaime King examine the use of conditional approvals by state officials on hospital and health system mergers, acquisitions, and other consolidating transactions. While federal antitrust enforcers play an important role in overseeing large mergers, […]
  • by Mary Mitchell, Student Fellow
    As private equity (PE) investment in healthcare draws scrutiny from advocates and regulators, one lawsuit has been in the spotlight as a potentially important precedent-setter, particularly regarding its corporate practice of medicine (CPOM) claims: American Academy of Emergency Medicine Physician Group (AAEM-PG) v. Envision Healthcare. The Independent Emergency Physicians Consortium called this case a “momentous […]
  • by Mary Mitchell, Student Fellow
    This month’s roundup of studies and reports highlights growing consolidation in health care as well as increasing costs of care. One report predicts higher medical costs in 2024—a trend that continued from the last two years. Another report highlights that policy efforts to reduce facility fees charged by hospitals are a potential avenue for controlling […]

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