Administrative Simplification and Operational Efficiency

Preventive screening opportunities, gaps in care, and similar ‘opportunity reports’ are currently disseminated by payers via multiple channels (email, mail, etc.) and in varying formats (PDFs, spreadsheets, paper, etc.) making it difficult to obtain the most current and most complete information. Carenodes is actively working with payers and providers to unify these various streams of information from their plurality into a singular portal from which the human healthcare worker can access such information.

Too much time is spent on collecting, sorting, and compiling information. Carenodes acts as a filter normalizing, organizing, and prioritizing the information flow from payers to providers. 

The platform automatically aggregates and sorts information so that the provider organization can reliably and consistently access a single console for all such data retrieval, reporting, and patient list management activities.

Annual Wellness Visits (AWV), chronic care and care transitions between physical and behavioral health services are revenue generation opportunities which are not fully realized due to fragmentation, human-dependent processes, and sheer volume of data flow. 

Data flowing through carenodes is ingested, processed, and presented to the user in a context that supports diagnostic and billing codes to complete the cycle of care delivery. Enabling net new revenue stream opportunities for primary care providers while reducing the amount of administrative resources spent on manual processes. 

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