Opportunity Hub

We match vetted business opportunities in healthcare. We do so largely within the provider/payer intersection.  

Opportunity Matching Enrollment Form

Individual licensed healthcare providers can access Carenodes Opportunity Matching Enrollment Form for participation requests.

Carenodes Matchmaker Programs (aka ‘Opportunity Matching’) use algorithm to match business-to-business needs based on various elements such service vertical segment(s), market need(s), market intelligence and know-how, market power, market reach, etc. Notwithstanding, this Program and its subprograms are all designed with a healthcare access centric framework. Meaning, while we are matchmaking nationally, we have certain areas of focus when business-developing.

Individual licensed healthcare providers can access Carenodes Opportunity Matching Enrollment Form for participation requests.

  • We actively opportunity match across National markets,
  • We place an emphasis on finding opportunities targeted in rural communities and Medicare eligible / senior populations.
  • We place an emphasis on primary care viability (fiscally and operationally)
  • We place an emphasis on behavioral healthcare as being a key component of outcomes.
  • We place an emphasis on quality performance metrics when assessing a request to join the Matchmaker Program. This process is inclusive of research using publicly available information such as Medicare claims and other state/federal level utilization data.

We are orchestrating longterm viable relationships in healthcare delivery in a way so as to stimulate not only access but economic growth and vitality.

We focus on the healthcare service segments most underdeveloped and under resourced. For example, primary care providers and behavioral healthcare. Using our unique market playbooks, we proactively identify and engage our Program Participants in curated business opportunities such as payer contracting or provider network development.

Opportunity Matching Network

  • Via a blended strategy of technology, data, and market intelligence, we match interested payers and providers for contracting and business development opportunities.
  • We also match healthcare providers with jobs and roles for job creation, income, and greater meaning. Including telehealth and virtual care delivery and reimbursement.

If you qualify, you will have the opportunity to perform a combination of synchronous and/or asynchronous consults on your computer or mobile device across a wide range of treatment areas. We’re also now onboarding clinicians for COVID-19 triage and care navigation, behavioral health, and primary care.

The following pre-application screening should take less than 5 minutes to complete. It allows us to actively market you to prospective business partners such as payers.

Initial opportunity-match uses the data you have provided via this secure form. This data is shared with prospective payer partners and other business development partners should there be an opportunity for matchmaking. Given our curated strategy, not all requests for participation will be approved. Nothing is binding herein — simply that you have either been invited to opt-in or seek to participate.

Program Participants: entities and persons participating in any of Carenodes Matchmaker programs.